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Why does Métavers Mobility recommands’s metaverse ?

Each metaverse has its own specificities, offers one of the best graphical immersions and gives you a great experience when visiting environments. It is therefore one of the best solutions for your virtual showroom!

Nowadays, 3D visits via 360° cameras already exist. What is the difference with the metaverse?

The 3D tour does not allow you to actually move freely, it is rather as if you are accessing different viewpoints and clicking to view them. The metaverse represents the next level in terms of interactivity and immersive experience. The users can move around as they wish and use interactive tools such as clicking, images, videos… without leaving the metaverse.

What is the difference between the metaverse and a 360° panorama of the vehicle ?

The 360° panorama only makes the vehicle turn on itself, the user cannot really move along in the space. With the metaverse, the user can really move around and have an unparalleled level of interactivity.

What is the difference between the metaverse and a beautiful HQ video on Youtube ?

A YouTube video does not allow any interaction, whereas with the metaverse, the user can click on points of interest to display additional pieces of information. Moreover, in the metaverse, it is as if you were inside the YouTube video, you are not a simple spectator.

Can I drive a car in the metaverse ?

Yes, there are ways that exists and that allow you to drive in the metaverse, however for now they are merely present on VR games.

Do I have to purchase land in order to place my showroom in the metaverse ?

This will depend on the metaverse you want to use. For some, this will be a mandatory step (in that case we will take care of everything for you), for others it is not. However, our solution on does not require any land purchase.

Is the metaverse a game platform ?

Not at all. Each metaverse has its own DNA. The metaverse, for example, is mainly focused on showcasing environments, showrooms and galleries. That is one of the reasons we decided to use it in the solution we offer.

I have a website that showcases my vehicles, does the metaverse really represents an opportunity for me ?

The website does not allow you to approach a vehicle, to browse a showroom and get closer to a real experience. The website allows to display videos, text, images, but without offering an immersive experience like the metaverse.

How can I integrate the metaverse in my sales strategy ?

The metaverse is accessible by everyone today, our technology allows anyone to walk through it and therefore, there are multiple possible scenarios to insert the metaverse as a brick in your communication and sales strategy.

Which possibilities of evolution does my showroom has ?

We are in a virtual environment, therefore possibilities are infinite.

Can my showroom be used from one metaverse platform to another?

Yes, but each platform has its own technical requirements, you will have to adapt your showroom when integrating it into a new platform.